If you are new to WordPress, You might not know how to install WordPress manually.

Well, there are two Options:

  1. You can install using one click installer which is provided by your web Host
  2. You can install it manually.

Steps to Install WordPress Manually

In this tutorial we will provide you with detailed steps on how to install WordPress on your web hosting account. Follow the Steps, if you are facing issue with Manual installation of the latest WordPress Version.

Before we start the instructions to install WordPress Manually, below are the things you need

  • Log in credentials for your hosting control panel
  • FTP Log in details
  • FTP client Software.

1Download WordPress

WordPress Official Download

Download the latest version of WordPress from Official WordPress page. Click on the Download button and save the zip file on to your desktop

Extract the Zip file and you will have a new folder named ‘WordPress’. We will use the extracted folder in the coming steps.

2Setting up the Database

MySQL Database Wizard

To create the database and set it up we’re going to use the MySQL Database Wizard which will take us through all three processes.

  • Creating the Database: Enter the New Database name
Creating the Database
Creating the Database
  • Creating a Database User and assign the user to your Database: Enter the username whatever you want.  For security reasons select the password generator to generate a very strong (100 / 100) password.
Creating a Database User and assign the user to your Database
Creating a Database User and assign the user to your Database
  • Granting the Database User full privileges on the DB: You have to grant full permissions for the user which is created in the Step 2. With this user WordPress will interact the database
Granting the Database User full privileges on the DB
Granting the Database User full privileges on the DB

3Uploading the WordPress Files to the Server

Uploading the WordPress Files to the Server

After downloading the WordPress files and setting up the database, now it’s time to upload the WordPress files to the server using any of favorite FTP client software.

If you are installing WordPress on the root domain, look for ‘pubic_html or WWW‘ and upload the extracted ‘WORDPRESS’ folder. In case of using a subdomain create a folder inside ‘pubic_html or WWW’ and upload the extracted ‘WORDPRESS’ folder.

Make sure that you have uploaded all the files.

To recap, we have downloaded the WordPress files, setup the database ready to connect it to WordPress and upload the files to the server using FTP Client.

4Connecting WordPress to Your MySQL Database

Create a Configuration File

Now we have come to the final step of our WordPress installation. Open a new browser window and go to the installation page to run the installation script,

Root domain: http://yourdomain.com/wp-admin/install.php

Sub Domain: http://yourdomain.com/blog/wp-admin/install.php

You should see the following message.

“There doesn’t seem to be a wp-config.php file. I need this before we can get started.” Which means WordPress is installed and we’re good to connect to the database created.

Click on Create a Configuration File button. After that you will be taken to a page asking you to be ready with the database credentials.

Welcome to WordPress
Welcome to WordPress

Click on let’s go! And fill in the form with database name and username.

Database Connection Details
Database Connection Details

The database Host is most commonly the default ‘localhost’ so leave it as is. If you having any issue after this and you have checked your DB name, username and password. Please check directly with your host what your Database Host should be.

The table Prefix, by default will be wp_. For security reasons, it’s recommended to change the Table Prefix

5Naming Your Site and Creating the Site User

Naming Your Site and Creating the Site User

After you click the Submit button, you should be able to see the welcome screen and a form to complete.

Enter the site title, username and password for login, your e-mail address and select the option Privacy.

The next step is to hit the Install WordPress button which will build the database tables and populate the site with temporary content.

WordPress Success Installation
WordPress Success Installation

Hit the Log in button to see the Log in Form.

Wordpress Login Form
WordPress Login Form

Enter the username and password to see the new WordPress Dashboard or hit the Back button to see your new site

Test Button


Finally, you are now able to install WordPress manually. If you are still confused, Please let me know by leaving a comment below.

Congratulations and welcome to the WordPress user community, we’re glad you’ve joined us!

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